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How is it working?

The stove fan generates its own power from the heat of the stove. The fan uses thermoelectric technology to convert the temperature difference into electricity. In the middle of the fan base, there is a unique thermoelectric module which convert the heat into the electricity.


How to use?

Put the stove fan on a smooth flat surface of the stove top where beside or at the back of the stovepipe. Higher temperature the stove surface is, faster the fan circulates.


The stove fan is recommended to operate between temperature 50°C – 350°C. Temperatures above this range may bring damage to the electricity generating units and invalidate your warranty.

Never touch the base of the stove fan when in use, do not put the stove fan on the unprotected surface when it is still working. 

To move or carry the fan, please always use the extendable handle and wearing gloves.

Keep the fan away from children’s touch when it is running.


●Heat powered stove fan –Speed up the warm air circulating and save fuel consumption

●Eco-friendly and self-powered

●The stove fan’s thermoelectric module acts as a small generator to charge the fan’s engine. No batteries or electricity required!  The stove fan generates heat from the stove surface to spin, adjust its speed automatically with the stove surface temperature change.

●It runs automatically between 50°C – 350°C with self-regulating speed following the temperature of the stove.

●Silent running, compact size, no installation required.The only moving part is the blade assembly. You will never feel the fan, but you FEEL the WARMTH more quickly!

●Made from anodizing aluminum.

●Certificates available: CE; Rohs; WEEE

●12 months Warranty Included