The best partner of your stove

Why need stove fan ?

Most of the heat from stove rise up directly and concentrate around the ceiling, it will need long time burning to warm up the room.

Our stove fans are designed to solve these problems. It doesn’t need any power and batteries, it only needs to be placed directly on the top of the stove. The fan starts automatically when placed on top of a stove and adjusts its speed with the stove temperature.

More environmentally friendly

Using a stove fan can saving your burning cost to 32%.
It also reduces the impact of burning solid fuel on the environment, especially as it requires no power itself.

How does the stove fan work?

Our stove fan use thermoelectric technology to convert a temperature difference into electricity. A thermoelectric module is placed in the middle of the product. When it feels the temperature difference between the two ends, there will be an electric current producing and driving the motor to work.