The best partner of your stove

Why need stove fan ?

Following the principle of air circulating, the hot air from stove firstly rises up and gathers around the ceiling, we have to wait a long time to feel warm until the hot air spreads out from the ceiling to the rest of the room.

Our stove fans are designed to bring quick air circulating for the room. Once they are placed on the top of the stove whose temperature achieves 50℃+,the fans will start to move and spread the heat around instead of rising up directly.

More Eco-friendly

To achieve same indoor temperature by using stove fan, the fuel consumption will be 32% less than to use the stove heating directly.

How does the stove fan work?

Our heat powered stove fan uses thermoelectric technology to convert the temperature difference into electricity. The fan gets the heat from stove to generate power for the engine, no extra electrical power is required.  The only thing you need to do is to put our fan on the top of the stove and when temperature achieve 50℃+, it will start running. Higher temperature, higher speed it runs. And it will stop gradually with the stove temperature cools down.