How to Choose a Reliable Supplier of Heat Powered Stove Fan

The Heat Powered Stove fan is not a complex product,but if take it lightly when choosing the supplier,we may pay the price.

1. Product Quality

The quality issue is not only about product performance (absolutely it’s always very important to be considered),but also packaging,especially for physical store retails,a product with good packaging will be important. When we pick up a stove fan from the supermarket shelf,actually we can’t test its performance until taken it home,the packaging of the commodity will be our first impression (except the existing brand effect),so a good printed color box will partly affect the purchasing. Some supplier lacked of correct cognition to this point,the final color boxes may far from your original designs,color difference,printing not clear enough,cut corners on the material to reduce costs,all these will affect customer’s first impression.So a reliable supplier should not only produce good quality product,but also with good ability of aesthetic appreciation,stand in the customer’s point of view,can realize the essentiality of brand,take control of every detail,such supplier would be a long-term partner.But actually many China factories are lack of brand consciousness,they don’t even care about their own corporate image,let alone considering the brand image of customers’.I suggest stay away from those suppliers.


2. Lead time

Punctuality is an important virtue,also for business.A reliable supplier should be a punctual supplier,but many suppliers may can’t keep their promise on delivery,especially in peak season.Then we may get explanations on such and such about the delay.Actually this is ultimately a matter of inexperience.For example,Link had been in heat powered stove fan field for 10 years,we’re familiar with the market and clear know the purchase season,and the same time,we’re fully acquainted with the supply capacity of our long-cooperated raw material suppliers,and know the production time of every component,so we’ll make meticulous plan ahead for one year’s production to assure the on time delivery.Or if the production is out of our expected,we will give a precious lead time according to our schedule before order. Unpunctual delivery may messed up all your marketing plan and wasted your golden opportunity.


3. R&D Capability

Heat Powered Stove Fan is niche market,but also a technical product,so Research & Develop capability is necessary for a supplier. Some heat powered stove fan supplier just copied the product appearance,and realized the basic function,but without own R&D capability,so there will be potential risks.No product can assured total no failure never and ever,so once failure after sold,those manufacturer may can’t find out the problem or can’t provide a solution to resolve,which also means they have no capability of iteration on their products. But every product need constant upgraded to improve the competitiveness. So if choose a supplier without R&D capability,you will loss the product competitiveness in the market.


To choose a supplier should be treated with caution.An unreliable supplier would bring you not only a waste of money,but also valuable marketing opportunity and time never ever come back.