Does the Heat Powered Stove Fan Apply to All Stoves and Fireplaces?

The selling season of Heat Powered Stove Fan is coming,most of our old customers were started to prepare purchasing this year from June,we also received many new inquiries recently. But actually not all stoves can use this product. So the heat powered stove fan is applicable to what kind of stoves?

1.Its a Stove Top Fan

The stove fan should been placed on a smooth flat surface of stove top,so a freestanding stove with enough space to positioned the fan is necessary.Those fireplaces which installed in wall will not applicable.

2.Its a Heat Powered Fan

The stove fan do not use any batteries or mains power.They generate their own electricity by getting the heat from stove top.So the fan base must make contact with a heat source,a stove with surface temperature over 50℃ should be necessary.


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3.A Newly Developed Stove Fan Will be Launched

To meet the demands of those stoves not hot enough on top,or with restricted space to positioned the fan,after long time researches,we developed a new heat powered stove fan which can be installed on chimney.This new model will be launched at the end of this month.Please leave your email if you have interesting,we will inform you once any updates.